Friday, February 6, 2015

Finishing our basement

We moved to Columbus fast. We sold our house in Traverse City in a day and bought our current house the first week we were in Columbus. I had never been to our new city so really hadn't a clue what area we would end up in. What I did know is - I wanted fantastic schools and an older established neighborhood with some history and walkable to amenities. When we found Bexley, our house was the only one on the market in our price range. It was small so we knew the only way to make it work for us was finishing the basement. As with everything in old houses, it was a major project, but it turned out exactly how we imagined. We now have a playroom, additional bathroom/laundry room and a 4th bedroom/guest room/office. It really functions perfectly for our family. 

Behind the door on the right is a small tool room with the coolest antique tool bench. It's covered with beat up green paint and a million little drawers with original pulls. I would have posted a photo but of course it's crammed with all the junk I don't have a spot for.

The ceilings are low so we decided to keep them open and painted them black which makes the ceilings feel taller. I feel like it gives the room more character too. 

We have a large storage area under the stairs for those Costco runs!

I love that for an old basement (1939) it has a lot of good sized windows that we gain a ton of natural from. Even our showers are sunny!

This is a double duty bath/laundry room. Nothing fancy but I like simple.

More light!

Shelves over the loo.

I love all the original beadboard doors down here. Look at how thick that sucker is! I think I've said it before on here but I have a thing about old doors! 

haven't done much with the guest room. It gets all the reject furnishings. There's a large egress window to the left of the bed for outdoor access in an emergency. 

Hope you all had a great weekend! We took a road trip to Ikea for some chairs I've loved for awhile now. Will get a post up soon on them! XO kelly