Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Fun

Hi all! Is it REALLY HOT where you are right now? Yup, should have put in AC when we installed that new furnace last fall... It was nearly 100 degrees today. Its now cooled down to 90 outside and a balmy 83 inside. I'm trying not to complain and remind myself I would have given anything for this only a month ago! What I really need to do is hop on my bike and go jump in the lake!

It is Summer fun time and we've already crammed in quite a bit! Here's a few highlights.

Here's all of us celebrating my hubby's birthday at our brother-in-law's new restaurant Sorellina. It was a such a treat to be out together!

And here's some after dinner downtown cruizin. Love these long warm summer nights!

We met our new nephew, Jadson for the first time. He flew in all the way from San Diego to hang with us. He is awesome!!! The kids adored him. They loved feeding and bringing him his baby toys. So, so, so fun to watch:)

The barn sale was a big hit and such a blast! I sold almost everything! Happy girl! This is the only picture I took. I know, so lame considering how cool the barn looked. This was taken of a corner of my space during setup.

My business cards from Anne at Anchovy Creative. So exciting!


Sophia before her first ballet/tap class. So sweet!!!

Having lunch after her College For Kids pirate adventure class. She came home with all sorts of treasures that week;)

And of course plenty of beach time! There's Caden in the background demonstrating how nice the water is now. He NEVER leaves the water. 

Now it's time to gear up for the big holiday and the Cherry Festival this weekend. Our town is crazy right now! I hope you all have a fun and somewhat leisure 4th of July! XO Kelly

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