Sunday, January 4, 2015


The new year is always exciting! A time to reflect on the year past and welcome the one upon us with hopes and dreams. My hope this year is do more of what makes me happy. It sounds simple enough, right? Oh, and along with all my happy stuff... to do more GOOD. In all aspects of my life. No HUGE goals or expectations, just more happy and good! I got this!

So I just put the "big" kids to bed and I'm sitting here happily blogging. I really enjoy the very little blogging I do, so I would like to do more. I hope to capture more of my passions here - motherhood, family, design and decorating to name a few. 

I snapped some photos of our bedroom this afternoon. I was waiting for a day when my room was clean and the sun was out but I don't see that happening in the near future! It is January in Ohio.


After. Didn't need much really. The original floors were exposed and refinished, and walls painted. I really wanted the floors and doors to pop so I decided to paint the baseboards and door trim white and keep the rest natural. I'm waiting to stumble on the perfect piece to put over the dresser before my husband slaps a tv there. Not that I would be totally against it. Watching a movie in bed just sounds so luxiourios these days.

I love the light the window on the landing lets into the room.

Each bedroom has two good sized closets. We all share rooms so it functions perfectly.

My flee market treasure that will get some tlc this spring. One of my many projects I'm lining up...

Wishing you all the happiest new year! Kelly

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