Sunday, January 18, 2015


If you follow me on Instagram you already saw my new silver. I scored it off my neighborhood's "for sale" Facebook site for twenty bucks! All pieces were super tarnished but with a bit of scrubbing they now look amazing. I've been on the lookout for new flatware but the designs I liked were a bit of an investment. And I really haven't stumbled on anything I LOVE. Picky Virgo... Im so happy I waited for these to come along and for our family to give them new life!

Tarnished but still beautiful!

For the initial clean I decided to try a process my mom saw on YouTube. The ingredients are basic household products so it's a real money saver and the process was fun. Lots of bubbley action which made it feel like a science experiment. I actually got a bit nervous at one point! Here's a link to the tuturioral.

Gorgeous! I finished each piece off with a light scrub of Bar Keepers Friend which took off any remaining tarnish. And if you don't have Bar Keepers Friend in your kitchen already, get some! It really is amazing stuff!

Well, of course I couldn't wait for another holiday or dinner party to fully set my table, so I went ahead and set it for fun! The twins were taking their nap and big kids shopping with dad. Perfect opportunity.

XO Kelly

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