Monday, May 14, 2012


Wow! May has been busy! We're definitely gearing up for Summer!!! I have so much to post about, I thought I'd throw it all in one, with some little glimpses of our happenings.

The weather was gorgeous today which allowed me to put the first coat of paint on my mid century console. Finally! Yes, count them, 9 drawers with detail and inset handles. This took me longer to paint than I expected, I was lucky Caden took a long nap:)

The color is Annie Sloan's Greek Blue. It's a warm blue, inspired by the Mediterranean, often faded and distressed on shutters and woodwork. That's how Annie Sloan describes it anyway. Sold! You had me at the Mediterranean. It really is beautiful. I can't wait to post the final photos of this project!

Here is my other project in the works. Cute antique dresser. I love the spindled legs and casters. I was cleaning it up today and found a New York newspaper from 1929. Too cool.

I love the detail on the bottom molding of the dresser. This will look awesome painted.

This is one of the treasures I picked up at a garage sale last week. I really wanted to show you this but I didn't have the extra hand to get it turned around, and it's a bit fragile and awkward. Next time! I'm definitely keeping this!

I always stop at this cute little vintage shop in Alden (adorable lake town) on the drive up to my parents house. I almost always walk out with something. I'm like a kid in a candy store! On this particular trip it was this old carpenter's toolbox.

For some reason I just had to have it. It just looked too loved by someone for me to pass up. I don't know much about the history, but I guess back in the day they actually made these custom to the carpenter's needs, so there's not really two alike. The smaller compartment on the top is removable.

Another garage sale find. An old stool with chipped up paint and wire foot rests. It's stuck in my kitchen for now.

My Mom's Day hydrangeas:)

That motivated me to clean my porch.

My sweet Sophia got glasses. And pink glittery nails.

The kid's washed mom's new car, and themselves;)

They are growing too fast...

Fun in the sprinkler after school today.

And we're just getting a taste of the long, warm Summer days and nights! Finally!!!

That's a wrap! XO Kelly

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