Thursday, May 10, 2012


I'm happy to say it's Friday! I'm not sure where the days have been going this month! I feel like I'm just barely keeping up. We've had so many school events and I've been painting furniture like crazy! I was so happy to sell my first dresser so fast! It really gave me the confidence I needed to start buying more furniture to refinish. Here are the the last two pieces I've completed. The dresser I've already sold and the vanity/desk I just listed tonight. They are both finished with ASCP. This paint is so fun to experiment with, it gets me so excited to start another furniture piece! I've been amazed how different each piece turns out.

Here is the vanity/desk finished with Annie Sloan chalk paint in French Linen and distressed with Pure White.

I swapped out the old hardware for new vintage style bin pulls and a glass knob.

And the dresser finished with Annie Sloan chalk paint in Pure White. I love simple, beach cottage style dressers.

Simple lines and cute wood knobs.

Have a great weekend everyone and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY:)!!! XO


  1. When you say "distressed with old white", can you give more details? Dry brushed? Rubbed on, rubbed off?

    Your desk is really pretty!

    1. Thank you! The desk is dry brushed with pure white. This technique worked great on this piece because it had a rough finish. Have fun!:)