Monday, March 19, 2012

Bathroom - Before & After

Happy Monday! It's a happy one here, it was over eighty degrees today! It's been like this for a week now. For March it's unheard of. We've literally been outside from morning to night, biking to school, to the beach, everywhere really. I feel like I have to pack all my summer madness in quickly because I know this will not last! I think we are thirty degrees over normal for this time of year. I love it, and it's inspired me to finish some projects. And do some wild and crazy stuff like try out the enourmous clothesline that came with our house. I'm hooked, I can't believe how fast our clothes dry and they smell amazing:) Yesterday I hung all of our bedsheets to dry, it was such a treat to jump into them last night. I'm all about the little things.

I'm going to start the week out with our one and only bathroom - before & after. So here we go...


Here is our bathroom when we bought the house. The tile was new, plaster in good shape and the vanity/cabinets had some potential. On the downside, the tan and blue flowered plastic tile on the walls was weird and the sliding glass doors on the tub had to go. Not too bad for now. Eventually this bathroom will get a major redo but I have grown to like its quirks for now.

Yup, I just prefer shower curtains. Plus it covers up the ugly plastic insert in the shower. When we are ready to tackle this, I'm thinking white subway tile and either reglazing the tub (i like it's 50's styling) or replacing it with an atique clawfoot. Or maybe just keep the tub here and when we add on that amazing master bath, put the clawfoot in there. Yes, I've always been a dreamer;)


Now here's what a little white paint can do.

The vanity is fun with the original linoleum top.

I swapped the old towel bar for hooks and used a basket to store clean towels. The hooks were $7.00 each at Lowes, the towels from Meijer for $4.99 each and framed photos from target for $19.99.

It's not visible in this picture but there's a really cute window in the shower. The window is high enough for privacy but big, and swings all the way open so it's feels like your taking a shower outside. Love that!

I'm not sure why I'm adding a picture of our toilet, maybe so you know we have one? Well, I do like the old vent pipe in the corner. I think most people would try to hide it but I like it.

Happy Monday:) XO

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