Monday, March 12, 2012

My Tanker Desk

Hi there! Over the weekend I was lucky enough to score a Tanker Desk off Craigslist. I moved our small desk upstairs for the kids in hopes to find something like this. I needed something bigger that would function better for my many projects. The Tanker fit the bill and it has an industrial/retro design that I love. I would put the Tanker in the "so ugly it's cool" category. My "office" is in our bedroom where I have other funky junk so my Tanker fits in well. Here it is after some elbow grease.

Tanker desks have been in production since 1946. My desk is a Steelcase version, I'm guessing from the 60's. I think the double pedestals and funky desktops are too cool. The tops were made with either metal, wood or a wide range of retro laminates. Obviously mine is a wood grain laminate that oddly enough fits in with the decor. I'll post more photos of my bedroom in a few days as one of my before & after posts.

Tankers have a developed a following, and there are a couple companies that restore them. The older Tankers are more coveted for their even curvier lines. Tankers were mass produced and extremely popular in their time so they are relatively easy to find for cheap or sometimes free if you are willing to move them. They are HEAVY! Here is more information on Tanker desks if you're interested:

XO, Kelly

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