Monday, March 12, 2012

Vintage Photos

I love Vintage, especially when it's personal and a part of my family. My mom gave me a couple framed photos of my grandparents that are WAY cool!!! I can't wait to get the frames painted and add them to my "wall of frames!"

This photo is of my grandfather in the Air Force. He is in the upper right corner. I love the size of the photo and how they are standing in formation. It almost looks graphic.

The photos here are my grandparents as children. Come on, how sweet is that! I can't believe I get to look at these two everytime I climb my stairs:)

Here is the status of my "wall of frames." I started at the top of the stairs and the bottom so I have a gaping hole in middle. My new treasures will fit nicely somewhere right in there.

XO, Kelly

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