Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Welcome to my first blog!

Welcome to my first blog! This blog will display what I'd like to share from my daily life. I thought I'd begin with some before and after photos of our new, very old house since this has been consuming much of my time lately. And will for a very long time!

We live in Traverse City, Michigan which sits on a large bay of Lake Michigan. We love it here. We are lucky enough to have pristine beaches in the Summer, colored Falls and very white Winters. We bought our first home in the downtown district, walking distance to all of the fun stuff:) The house is a 120-year old, Victorian/Early Bungalow. Every room in our house is "in progress" but here is where we are at.

Kitchen Before

Washer and dryer hookups but without a fridg or stove!

Kitchen After

Updates/Upgrades: paint, hardware, sink faucet, heat vent relocated, removed washer & dryer hookups and added new appliances.


  1. Love your green and white kitchen! What is the paint color/brand?

    1. Hi there! Thanks so much! It's really been a fun color, fresh in the spring and summer and festive during fall and winter. The color is pistachio from Benjamin Moore. It is a true jadeite green color. Kelly