Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sophia's Bedroom - Before & After

My daughter Sophia's room was one of our biggest transformations. When we bought our house the entire upstairs was not in livable condition. The ceilings and walls were covered with dilapidated ceiling tiles and paneling. The floors were original hardwoods but in poor shape. The windows were working properly and most retained the original "wavy" glass but the window casings, sills and sashes need lots of TLC.


This is how the room looked when we bought the house. NOT PRETTY.

This is how the room looked after we removed the ceiling tiles and paneling. The plaster walls were NOT PRETTY! There were huge holes from wiring updates and the walls overall were just crumbling. Not to mention the layers of wallpaper! I was hoping we could just skim coat the paster, however that was not the case so we decided to call in the experts and have the walls drywalled.


Updates/Upgrades: Drywall installed (professionally); window sashes removed, scraped, painted and reinstalled; window casings and sills scraped and painted; floors painted with multiple layers of porch and floor paint; new light fixture; window treatments.

Sophia's dresser was put out on the curb by our neighbors. With a few coats of fresh paint it was good as new and FREE! I love it because it's tall and narrow so it hardly takes any floor space. Her room is tiny, 13'x7'.

The bed was also a great find at the local Salvation Army for $25.00. I couldn't find a spray paint color off the shelf I liked so I had a Benjamin Moore color mixed and put in spray cans at an auto parts store.

The fabric for Sophia's bedding was purchased for 1/2 off at our local fabric store. My mom made the duvet. Thanks Mom! The pillows are from Pottery Barn on sale and T.J. Maxx.

Every little girl needs some pom pom garland and lots of hooks for bathing suits and other fun stuff!

Cute wicker table passed down from my mom. I sprayed it with the same paint I used on her bed. The sign was purchased from a store that carries all locally made products and vintage.

The floors weren't in good enough shape to restore so we decided to paint them. I have always loved the look of painted hardwood floors. We used Benjamin Moore Porch & Floor paint and they turned out great. The closet is big for the overall size of her room. She will fill it up in no time;)

I hope you enjoyed Sophia's room! Well worth the blood, SWEAT, & tears!!!

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