Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Caden's Room - Before & After

It's another round of Before & After! Today is my son's room, Caden. If you saw Sophia's room, it was basically the same renovation. As I mentioned in her post, the upstairs of our house was in poor shape, really unlivable. So here we go!


This is how the room looked when we bought the house. Ceiling tiles, paneling, linoleum floors and windows were all hideous and in poor shape.

This is how the room looked after we removed the ceiling tiles and paneling. Not much better!!!


Updates/Upgrades: Drywall installed (professionally); window sashes removed, scraped, painted and reinstalled; window casings and sills scraped and painted; remove linoleum from floors and painted with multiple layers of porch and floor paint; new light fixture; window treatments.

The walls are pretty blank right now. I'm having a hard time finding boy decor I like. I'd like to find some items that he can grow with, not to babyish but still fun! Speaking of the white walls, my mom helped me paint the entire upstairs in 100 degree heat! Couldn't have done it without her! Thanks Mom!!!

If the bed looks really small that's because it is, it's a toddler bed passed down from his sister. He LOVES it! He was so excited to move out of a crib and to get his big sister's bed! My awesome Aunt gave me the the cute red bench and my mom passed down the the wicker table. I sprayed the table with the same paint I used on Sophia bed.

I made Caden's duvet cover. The down insert is from Pottery Barn Kids. He's able to use it year round, I've got a lot of mileage out of it. Sophia used it before him with a different cover. The pillow case and sham are from Pottery Barn on Clearance.

I really wanted Schoolhouse lights for the kids rooms but could not find any locally, vintage or new. There are a couple online sites that specialize in them but they were more than I wanted to spend. Plus I needed a smaller scale, flush mount light because of the lower ceilings. I ended up finding a globe for a ceiling fan (in a schoolhouse shape) and then bought the cheapest light with a housing that would mate with the globe. I made three of these for $12.00 each. Can't beat it! The chair was from T.J. Maxx on clearance and I made the pillow.

Gotta love a good bargain - the paddles were $7.00 each from T.J. Maxx and the dresser from a children's secondhand shop.

That's it for now!!! I'll be posting our living room tomorrow! XO Kelly

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