Thursday, March 15, 2012

Living Room - Before & After

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Today I though I'd post the progress we've made on our living room. We really haven't done much, fortunately this room was almost is "like new" condition when we bought the house. However, we have seen this room in a much worse state. We actually looked at our house a year before we bought it. Many of the before pictures i have and will be posting (with the exception of the upstairs) were much worse when we originally looked at this house. At that point it hadn't been touched since the 50's which had taken it's toll. The living room walls were separated from the floors a couple inches which was major, and the rest of the house was really, just in a bad state. We loved the lot, location and size of the house but the renovations were too extensive for our budget and too adventurous with two small children. Long story short, the owners took the house off the market to renovate in hopes of getting a fair price. They reinforced the floors, put new flooring throughout the main level, fresh paint, new drywall in the living room and trim where necessary, etc., etc. I think we looked at our house the second time, the day after it came back on the market and well, here we are! So, again, there's not much to look at as far as major change for this room but still fun to check out:)


This room looks GREAT compared to the before, before, as i mentioned above! However this taupe was just all wrong. So really all I had to do was paint! I'm not crazy about the red oak floors they laid either but they do just fine for now! We lost the original hardwoods in this room when they reinforced the floors. As far as we know the originals are still under the multiple layers of other flooring in the rest of the house. At some point we will investigate further, if the floors are salvageable I'd like to match them with reclaimed in this room.

I think it's pretty obvious I'm into everything beach and cottage. 

Who looks at the size of the front door when they buy a home? Well that's what we were asking ourselves when we couldn't fit our furniture through the 28" hobbit door. Soooo, we had a garage sale. And we bought new smaller scale furniture. The room is narrow, 11'x17' so it worked out well. The couches and chairs are down filled and slipcovered. They were our big splurge in the house, love them:) The bamboo roman shades I bought from Overstock. I think I spent around $400.00 total for shades for the whole house, not bad. The fun framed poster i got for 70% off at Micheals. Works for me!

This end table is a vintage folding table I picked up at an antique store. I paid $35.00 for it which was probably way too much but it was the perfect height and size for the awkward space. It also has cute curved legs and a planked top that just appealed to me. It had a really bad spray paint job so I repainted it Benjamin Moore, Barely Teal. Love that color! The lamp is from T.J. Maxx, the driftwood fish from Pottery Barn Teen on clearance and basket from Meijer (local grocery store).

My round pedestal table I picked up for $100.00 at Wilson's, one of the many antique stores in our area. It was more than I wanted to spend but again, the perfect size. Not to mention, it's solid mahogany and I loved it's rich color next to all of my white, white and more white! The lamp is from Art Van. I scored the floor model so instead of $150.00, I got it for $60.00. I love the texture. And there's my DIY Union Jack wall hanging.

Here's the front door, painted Benjamin Moore's Jamaican Aqua.

I found this table at a secondhand shop and repurposed it into a entertainment center. It's only a foot deep so it works great for our narrow space.

That's it for our living room! I hope to take another break form before & after's with an update on my wall of frames. I know, the things I get excited about...;) I've been painting frames the last couple of days to add to my collection which includes the two vintage photos I posted about earlier this week. See you soon! XO Kelly

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